For more than a century, COA has been dedicated to making optometry a stronger, better, and more visible profession. It has worked diligently on all fronts to ensure that those who have earned the title of Doctor of Optometry have the opportunity to practice their profession to the fullest extent possible.

Mission Statement: The mission of the California Optometric Association is to assure quality health care for the public by advancing all modes of optometry and by providing members with the resources and support to practice at the highest levels of ethics and professionalism.

Vision Statement: Guarantee all Californians use optometrists as the primary providers of quality eye and vision care.

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  1. I got medicare benefit , but not cover glasses, could you tell me, how to get the free glasses.Thanks lot!

  2. I am 18 years old. When I was 4 years old I was diagnosed with a stigmatism that causes lazy eye, in both of my eyes. Every year I get new lenses. When I was 15 I started getting headaches that were so bad that I couldn’t handle any noise what so ever. My general doctor couldn’t find anything wrong, I had a CAT scan even. When I got my glasses in July, the headaches went away for about three months. Now my headaches are getting worse and it’s getting hard to see, which makes school harder. Every morning I take over the counter eye vitamins. I feel like my eyesight is rapidly receding and I can’t afford to go to my eye Dr. until next year. Is there anything to help me with school at the very least besides talking with my teachers about moving closer to the board so I can see.

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