How to clean your eye glasses

So, you’ve been working in the yard and your eye glasses are covered in grit or your kid decided to take his mud pies a little too seriously. That means it may be time to break out the good ol’ soap and water. Here are some quick steps to follow to make sure you are cleaning your glasses without needlessly damaging them along the way.

1) Rinse the glasses under warm water.
2) Use mild dish soap and gently rub across lenses with your thumb in a circular motion.
3) To get the dirt around the nose pads you can use a toothbrush, just make sure to not touch the lenses or you could scratch them.
4) Rinse the glasses in warm water.
5) Wipe clean with microfiber cloth.

If they aren’t covered in tons of grit, but the daily use has smudged oils and more onto your lenses you can just use an eye glasses spray cleaner and the micro fiber cloth to do the job.

You are done! Check out this video for information about general eye glasses care.

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