The famous glasses of Christmas movies, past and present….

Holiday GlassesAll of us have our favorite holiday movies- mine happens to be Elf with Will Ferrell.  And the elves in Santa’s workshop just so happen to wear small triangular reading glasses down on their noses.  Surprising, I did not even notice their glasses until I started to think about it! Glasses on characters in our favorite movies are often the defining characteristic of the character.  If you think about “Ralphie” in A Christmas Story you probably can picture him with brown thick glasses and at the same time recall his mom cautioning him: “You’ll shoot your eye out!.” Or how about Ebenezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol” with small reading glasses down on his nose, holding a candle in the dark?

Some other famous Christmas movie characters that wear glasses are Clark Griswold in “Christmas Vacation”, Marcie in “Charlie Brown Christmas”, Arthur in “Arthur’s Christmas” The Conductor in “Polar Express” and of course Santa/Kris Kringle in “A Miracle on 34th Street- just to name a few.

So while you sit back and enjoy your favorite holiday movies this year, notice that sometimes, what adds to our favorite movie character’s charm and distinguishing personality, actually just happens to be their glasses!

~ Lisa M. Weiss, O.D.
California Optometric Association