Halloween Eye Safety Checklist

Candy…check, decorations…check, costume…check, accessories…check! If your to do list looks like this you might be part of the 70 percent of Americans who will be celebrating Halloween this year. If you’re looking to put the final touches on the perfect costume by wearing cosmetic contact lenses, make sure you are aware of the risks. As much as you might want have the scariest costume use the following tips to avoid having a seriously scary complication from decorative contact lenses.

Courtesy of Zombie Makeup on Flickr

Courtesy of Zombie Makeup on Flickr

According to FDA regulations only your eye doctor can write a valid prescription contact lenses. This includes Plano decorative lenses that you might find via online retailers during Halloween. Your optometrist is trained to evaluate and the size, shape and fit of contact lenses on your eye. This is especially important for colored opaque decorative lenses. Contact lenses are specially designed using specific materials that optimize the health and safety of the lenses. The tints and pigments that are use in decorative can significantly decrease the ability of these lenses to transmit oxygen to the eye, enhance comfort and prevent excessive buildup.

Complication from using cosmetic contact lenses include:

  • Corneal abrasions(scratches)
  • Conjunctivitis(red/pink eyes)
  • Corneal infection/ulcers(sores)
  • Blindness

Poorly fit contacts can blur or disrupt your vision, cause irritation, or cause further complications. Your eye doctor carefully evaluates the vision, fit and comfort of contact lenses. This ensures your eyes are not being placed at risk by using poor fitting or unhealthy lenses and making your a Halloween too frightful for comfort.

~John Barrón, OD
California Optometric Association

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