The Danger of Online Eye Exams

Did you hear about that lady who bought the awesome car at the grocery store?! No? Well, probably because it didn’t happen… Who would buy a car at the grocery store?! Doesn’t make much sense does it? Buying glasses online without having a complete eye exam is kind of the same thing. If you go to an expert in whatever you are purchasing, you are much more likely to get the best quality and value for your money. And as important as having a nice, safe car is, making sure your eyes are healthy and safe is even more important. Most people report they rely on their eyesight more than any other sense. So, it’s really important to take good care of them throughout your lifetime. Having the correct glasses or contact lens prescription is essential so you have the clearest vision possible. However, checking for eye diseases that can cause permanent vision loss, like glaucoma or even eye cancers, is absolutely vital. Especially since those things usually have no noticeable symptoms; they can only be found with a complete eye exam from an experienced optometrist, or eye doctor.

Would you get dentures online by just sending in a picture of your mouth? Probably not, you would want a dentist to take a good look at your teeth and take specific measurements. That’s what an optometrist does during a complete eye exam. They look at all aspects of your eyes including the front part to check for things like dryness or allergies and also the inside to look for issues such as cataracts or retinal problems.

Did you know your eyes are the only part of your body where a doctor can see your blood vessels without cutting you open? Pretty cool, huh? It’s also a great way to check for things like complications from diabetes or high blood pressure. If you have changes to the blood vessels in your eyes, there is a good chance you could have problems elsewhere, like your kidneys or liver.

Optometrists of course also check your glasses and contact lens prescription as well. You may have noticed a lot of them use a machine to get a starting point to measure your glasses prescription. You might also have noticed that’s usually not the final one, the doctor tweaks it a little based on your responses to make sure it’s the right one for you. They also have people called opticians who help you pick out the frames and take measurements. Opticians aren’t just for offering fashion advice (although they are great at knowing what styles look good for your face!), they also make sure the lenses line up in the frame properly so you have the best vision.

So remember, take care of your eyes by having a complete eye exam with an optometrist; not only will you get the best glasses or contact lenses for the best vision, but you’ll be sure your eyes are healthy inside and out! For more reasons to have a complete eye exam, check out this video.


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