Are colored contact lenses safe?

Photo of listentothemountains on Flickr

Photo of listentothemountains on Flickr

Are decorative contact lenses safe?

Decorative or colored contact lenses are safe as long as they are prescribed by an eye doctor. It is important to note that contact lenses are FDA approved medical devices and require a prescription.

How should decorative lenses for cared for?

Proper cleaning is important for all contact lenses, including decorative lenses. Either a multipurpose solution or hydrogen peroxide based solution may be used to clean contact lenses. Be sure to follow your eye doctor’s recommendations for cleaning contact lenses.

Does wearing decorative lenses affect vision?

Vision can be corrected with decorative lenses. However, some decorative contact lenses may limit the amount of light that can enter the eye if the contact lens is dark in color.

After use, can decorative lenses be reused?

Yes. Decorative contact lenses may be resused. It is important to clean lenses after removal and to follow the directions for cleaning, disinfection and wearing your decorative lenses. Contacts that are not cleaned or disinfected properly can cause pain and lead to potentially serious infections.

How important is it to have an eye doctor fit and prescribe contact lenses?

In order to maintain good eye health, it is crucial that contact lenses are prescribed by an eye doctor. A valid prescription should include the brand name, lens power, curvature measurements and an expiration date. In addition to assessing vision, the front of the eye including the eyelids, cornea and conjunctiva should be evaluated. Without proper evaluation of contacts on the eye, patients risk eye abrasion, possible loss of vision and even blindness. If you experience any symptoms such as redness, irritation or blurry vision, remove the contact lenses and contact your eye doctor immediately.

~ Melissa Barnett, OD, FAAO
California Optometric Association

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