April Fools’ Day – 6 silly eye care myths you should know about

Photo Courtesy of jenschapter3 on Flickr

Photo Courtesy of jenschapter3 on Flickr

It is April Fools’ Day and to help ensure you don’t look foolish, I wanted to share a little eye information with you. There are a number of myths out there about your eyes and I wanted to quickly clear up some of the confusion. I hear a few of these myths every week with my patients, so here are a few of the most common:

  1. “Eye exercises can strengthen your eyes so you won’t need glasses.” While it is true you can make your eyes function better by doing eye exercises, for the majority of patients, glasses or contacts are needed to keep their vision consistently clear. The exception to this rule is that some children can benefit from eye exercises under the direction of an optometrist trained in vision therapy, which can help reduce a child’s need for glasses.
  2. “High pressure in your eyes means you have glaucoma.” Glaucoma is a very serious eye disease that can result in permanent vision loss. We know that having pressure beyond  a certain range significantly increases your risk of developing glaucoma, it does not mean you actually have glaucoma.
  3. “Contacts can slip behind the back of your eye and get struck in your brain.” Our body’s natural defense system ensures that this cannot happen. The conjunctiva is a tissue that covers the inner portions of your eyelids and the white of your eye. It is a continuous tissue that prevents anything from getting behind your eye, that includes contacts, eyelashes, or any other things that may get into your eye.
  4. “Wearing glasses makes your eyes weaker.” This common myth does not take into account that as your eyes age, your ability to see clearly without correction is reduced. Small prescriptions that did not require correction as child or young adult can present later in life as blur or visual discomfort requiring glasses.
  5. “If you can see clearly, you have healthy eyes.” Sadly, this is a common myth that keeps many people from getting their eyes checked on a regular basis. Comprehensive annual eye examinations with your doctor of optometry can help ensure that you have healthy eyes and detect serious vision-threatening or even life-threatening diseases well before they become a problem. Tumors, uncontrolled diabetes, strokes and other serious health problems can be caught during an eye exam with your optometrist. Regular exams with a doctor of optometry can help ensure clear vision and healthy eyes.
  6. “Eyes can actually pop out of your head.” This myth gets perpetuated by the many horror movies that show eyes being knocked out of a person’s head and rolling along the ground. Fortunately for us all, this does not happen. Your eyes are held in place by muscles that move your eye up, down, left and right. Additionally, you have a nerve that plugs into the back of your eye that can also hold it in place. Systemic health disease, such as thyroid eye disease, or compressive trauma can cause your eyes to protrude beyond your eyelids but they will never fall out of head like they do in the movies.

I hope shedding some light on the eye myths helped increase your knowledge and keep you from looking foolish.

 ~Ranjeet S. Bajwa, OD, FAAO
California Optometric Association

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